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^ article about James Haspiel's book Marilyn: The Ultimate Look At The Legend   ^ "Always admired Marilyn's Blonde Beauty?"
^ Marilyn's affair with Yves Montand and the bungalow they used  
 ^ from Hollywood Then and Now magazine
Drawing of Marilyn
 ^ story about stuttering
^ story about Marilyn's grave site
^ Oliver Stone's insulting and sexist view of women and of Marilyn in particular; from Rolling Stone magazine ^ Beauty marks; Marilyn mentioned
^ There's No Business Like Show Business mention ^ article about Marilyn by actress Shelley Winters
^ identifying photograhper who took photos of Marilyn in hats ^ computer generated Marilyn used in Chanel No. 5 television commercial
^ This comes from a T.V. guide type book. It discusses the American Movie Classic channel's Monroe movie marathon ^ "Marilyn Monroe: She was glamorous and had presence, yet she was so approachable, so vulnerable"
^ "The real Marilyn" ^ "Goodbye Norma Jean" from Entertainment Weekly, July 1998
 ^ from a July 1982 issue of McCall's magazine. I found these images on e-bay.


April 2005 issue

^ the cover: small photo of Marilyn on upper left
^ page 40
^ page 41
^ page 74. Marilyn made it to number two of "The Greatest Movie Stars" list. She's mentioned at the bottom of this page.
^ page 75
^ page 45. Heading on page reads "Actresses." Small photo of Marilyn appears in middle of page, in far left column