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  ^ story about costume designer Billy Travilla's death  ^ Susan Sarandon's character in White Palace was a Marilyn fan
Article with photo of MM by Halsman
^ Depsite being dead, Marilyn earns a lot of money, which goes to her estate
 ^ Marilyn Monroe is distantly related to George Bush Senior, former president of the U.S.A.
 ^ from a story about a lady who owns an underwear shop in Hollywood or something; Marilyn mannequin in background
"The Most Intriguing People of the Century" issue; Marilyn made it to the back cover of this issue, as well as a four page spread inside
Cover of magazine
BAck cover, featuring Marilyn
Marilyn singing to troops in Korea
 ^ Lady who makes life size cut-outs of celebrities, including ones of Marilyn. June 1997.