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Seance article
with Sir Laurence Olivier
  ^ "Not a ghost of a chance" - synagogue wouldn't allow people to use premises for seance to contact Monroe ^ story on turbulent behind- the- scenes happenings of The Prince and the Showgirl
Article with large photo of Marilyn
^ story on moles ^ "Marilyn Up Close" - story about a documentary on Marilyn's last film, Something's Got to Give
Photo auction
Article on the death of Maurice Zolotow
 ^ story on auction of Marilyn Monroe photos taken in 1949
^ story on the death of Marilyn's first biographer
Marilyn Monroe mannequin in store window
^ Bus Stop review
^ student in front of store window with Marilyn Monroe mannequin and memorabilia in New York
^ Arthur Miller's daugher Rebecca directing his play After the Fall ^ "Death admits [Princess] Di to 'immortal' circle"
^ museum showing of Marilyn related art work ^ Party where people dressed as Marilyn or Elvis
^ from an article on interior design or something ^ "Hair coloring becomes the latest glamour accessory"
^ "Hair coloring becomes the latest glamour accessory" - entire article ^ Marilyn's relationship with Frank Sinatra
^ Prince and Showgirl costume sold at auction ^ Book review; "Authorized biography leaves myth intact, skirts issue of relationship with Monroe"
^ "Beyond Cheesecake: Portratis of Marilyn Monroe" ^ "Marilyn tune discovered"
^ "Marilyn song withdrawn"