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^ February 2005 issue of Viva magazine. Photo of Marilyn by Milton Greene on left side of page
^ Levi's ad ^ Whiskey ad
^ From a 2005 article about Blondes, obviously. Marilyn's photo appears on the page on the right hand side.
^ Cotton / sheets ad - Marilyn look - alike  
^ 2005 issue of Estetica Italia magazine  
^ April 10, 2005 issue of Russian magazine TV Park. The heading of this article reads "Women are chameleons" - Marilyn's photos appear on the page on the right hand side.
^ Russian news item: "MM had a lot of problems"
^ stereo speaker ad with Marilyn look-alike
^ British magazine "Number One" - heading on magazine reads "Madonna and the Marilyn Monroe Affair"
^ ad - I have no idea for what ^ cigarette ad
Sweden / Finland / Norway
^ magazine article from Sweden
^ candy bar from Finland
Undetermined language / nation
^ Marilyn look - alike. This might be from France.