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I have never been a big fan of The Seven Year Itch, including the "skirt blowing" scene, so I wish advertisers would stop using the image of a woman having her dress blown up all the time, but as you can see, it is in fact over-used.

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Wig ad

^ Monroe style Halloween for sale in advertisement, worn by a Monroe look alike

^ Anna Nicole Smith says that Sharon Stone is not Marilyn material ^ Marilyn look alike from New Orleans, Louisiana tourist brochure
Cat pin
Marilyn look alike in black and white t-shirt
^ enamel jacket pin of a cat dressed up like Monroe from the skirt blowing scene in The Seven Year Itch ^ Marilyn Monroe look-alike in ad for Monroe t-shirt
Marilyn Monroe Look- Alikes
From ad for prom dresses
^ Several Monroe look alikes posed by a mirror

^ from 1989. Magazine ad that was for high school prom dresses. I cut the center model (who is posed like Monroe) out from the rest of the ad

Three women in Marilyn Monroe poses in ad
^ Nair hair creme ad, from the 1980s or early 1990s. Obviously a take off of the skirt scene from The Seven Year Itch

^ Tourist ad for Hollywood or Universal Studios or something.

Another take off of the skirt scene from The Seven Year Itch

^ More Monroe look-alikes - standing before a huge image of Monroe

Aerosmit cd cover
^ Lady who won a Monroe look alike contest

^ cover of rock band Aerosmith's record "Just Push Play" featuring artwork that is a take off of Marilyn from The Seven Year Itch

Pamela Anderson Lee

^ Claims that this is a modern day Monroe-style dress

^ Claims that this dress worn by Pamela Lee Anderson looks Marilyn Monroe-ish

^ Compares Hayworth (who came before Monroe) to Monroe

^ Carol Baker as Marilyn Monroe
Drew Barrymore on George mag cover
^ Actress Drew Barrymore dressed up as Monroe for the cover of George magazine ^ Genifer Flowers as Marilyn Monroe for some t.v. show
Barbra Lang
^ Barbra Lang
^ Diana Dors, "Britain's Marilyn Monroe"
^ Actress Tina Louise's "movie star" character on the t.v. show Giligan's Island was based on Monroe ^ Charlize Theron was compared to Marilyn
^ Michelle Pfeiffer