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It is with extreme regret that I place anything having to do with Madonna Ciccione Ritchie on my site. She is the worst of all the Marilyn Monroe wanna be's.

Madonna is an untalented whore with no scruples, talent, integrity, or morals. She stole Marilyn's image for her own selfish motives - and because she never has an original idea of her own.

And Madonna stole Monroe's image and look for ten or more years. That's a very long time to steal someone else's identity.

On top of being hailed as some kind of genius (and even more unbelievable), is that some critics declared Madonna "better" than Monroe, which is so patently untrue and false one hardly knows what to say in response, or where to begin.

So it is with a caveat I offer this section on Madonna related articles.

I have other Madonna related articles and photos to add later.

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^ States that each of Madonna's albums was more like a deluxe souvenir of each phase of her career than a legitimate try at music.

What else can one expect from a woman who's more concerned with style than substance?

^ Madonna replicated Marilyn's "Diamonds Are A Girl's Best Friend" scene in the video "Material Girl" in 1985 ^ "A Case of Blonde Ambition" - mentions Marilyn
^ Excellent letter to the editors at People magazine from a Monroe fan ^ Another excellent letter to the editor at People magazine about how they dared to suggest that Madonna is better than Monroe
About Truth or Dare movie
^ Madonna copied Marilyn on the t.v. show Saturday Night Live. Madonna never missed a chance to rip off Marilyn.

^ "Can Madonna ever fill MM"s bra?," this snippet inquires

Answer: a definitive HELL NO!

At the Oscars
People magazine
^ Madonna dressed up to look like Monroe for an early 1990s Oscar appearance.

^ A disgusting article from People magazine where the writer gushes about Madonna, makes her out to be better than Monroe

Taken in 1987

^ Photo taken in 1987, when Madonna tried to look like Monroe at the American Music Awards, but she looks like a circus clown. Her hair is yellow and her make-up too thick. Her eyebrows are bushy and ugly, too.

Torn from a teen fan magazine, comes complete with my handwritten critique in purple ink on white paper.

Did you know that Madonna considers herself very much like Marilyn Monroe
^ From a Madonna fan publication I received as a teen. It came free with a subscription to their magazine.

^ "Is Madonna borrowing Marilyn Monroe's style," asks this magazine snippet.

Hell yes Madonna stole Monroe's image! What a "no brainer"

^ Madonna wearing original Bus Stop costume first worn by Marilyn.

I am livid that anything Monroe wore, owned or touched, was worn or used by Madonna. Letting Madonna wear clothing once worn by Monroe is a DISGRACE.

^ "Marilyn Is Back."

Discusses Madonna's relationship with John Kennedy Jr.

^ Discusses Madonna's relationship with John Kennedy Jr.
Photo of snippet from Smash Hits magazine: Madonna dressed up like Monroe to accept award